We are an extension of your team helping you turn raw data into valuable insights.
How The Dashboard Company can help:
Working with The Dashboard Company is easy. We meet you where you are and provide products and services to help you get the most out of your data. A dashboard needs to be visually appealing to encourage user adoption and provide the right accurate data. Finally, dashboards must provide recommendations or insights to help drive better decision making.
Dashboard Development Services

Which camp are you in?

I have data and want dashboards to make better decisions with. I don't have an in-house resource or platform to use.


I have a reporting platform and need help building the dashboards to make sense of the data using that platform.


Dazzle your team, partners and customers with dashboards. Make decisions faster. Discover hidden and novel insights from your data.

We understand no one knows your business as intimately as you; so we give you the power of a team of data experts to help you knit together data from multiple data sources, shape data throughout your organization and ultimately visualize that data in the best possible way based on the project.

Types of Dashboards

Strategic - A dashboard focused on monitoring long-term company strategies by analyzing and benchmarking a wide range of critical trend-based information.

Operational - A business intelligence tool that exists to monitor, measure and manage processes or operations with a shorter or more immediate time scale.

Analytical - A dashboards containing large streams of comprehensive data that allow analysts to drill down and extract insights to help the company to progress at an executive level.

Tactical - An information-rich dashboard best suited to mid-management and help in formulating growth strategies based on trends, strengths, and weaknesses across departments.

Dashboard development is the life line of our company. You have data, now let's extract as much value out of that data as possible.
Engineering and Code
Data Engineering Services
Most companies have a data processing problem. With data coming from multiple data sources, mismatched formats, structured and unstructured data sometimes it gets ugly. Our engineers and data experts help transform your data and make it usable and useful.

Data Wrangling- Data wrangling is the process of cleaning and unifying messy and complex data sets for easy access and analysis.

Statistical Analysis- Statistical analysis is the process of generating statistics from stored data and analyzing the results to deduce or infer meaning about the underlying dataset.

Data Modeling- Data modeling is the process of documenting a complex software system design as an easily understood diagram, using text and symbols to represent the way data needs to flow.

ETL/ Data Transformation- ETL is a type of data integration that refers to the three steps (extract, transform, load) used to blend data from multiple sources.
Engineering and Code
Consulting Services

The Dashboard Company meets you where you are. Our data and dashboard experts can build in your existing technology or leverage a suite of proprietary and partner technologies to deliver dashboards and outcomes you want.

How The Dashboard Company can help

Scorecard Development - We partner with you and create a Scorecard system for tracking and monitoring the quality of your operations. Scorecards are powerful tools for identifying quality gaps, centers of excellence, target opportunities and benchmark progress.

Key Performance Indicators and Measures(KPI) - Our strategy consultants help you with identifying what matters most in your organization, what metrics to use to track in your operation and how to capture the best possible data to give you visibility into your KPI’s. We learn from your business leaders about your operation, document the intended outcomes and build dashboard to support leadership decision making.

Data Model Design - Defining an institutional or organizational data model is a natural first step in the data journey. Using the dashboard canvas, we help you define a scalable data model to help with current reporting and dashboard efforts build for the future.

Data Discovery Missions - Organizations have untapped resources and data sets with tremendous value locked within them. Our Data Discovery Missions apply a Seal Team approach toward identifying new and novel ideas, insights and opportunities about data already in your company’s possession. Our team of consultants go into research mode and deploy deep analysis, statistical modeling and data science strategies to unlock opportunities for your organization. Data Discovery Missions have resulted in new joint ventures, new products, new services, massive cost savings opportunities, optimized operations and new revenue opportunities.

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